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Best Things to Wear for a Job Interview

Best Things to Wear for a Job Interview

In every woman’s life there comes a moment of truth, when you’re about to change the style of your hair (or even the color) and you’ve just got to make a pick out of all the varieties of popular (and not so much) hairdos. So, is there a way to narrow down the choice anyhow?

Well, the good news is that yeah, there is a way. And it is mainly all about understanding what the shape and type of your face are, what makeup are you usually wearing, the color of your skin… and dozens of other things among everything else.

Determining the Shape of Your Face

So basically, while there is no single universal, one-fits-them-all recipe or a guideline set for picking a hair, there are many nuances in your complexion which after a thorough analysis will help you in sorting out a perfect hairstyle which will look good on you. This doesn’t mean that you cannot digress off it in order to still get that pixie hairdo, but those are the recommendations, anyway. So, first thing’s first, you’ll have to know what your face shape is.

What Exactly Should You Choose?

To get you started with that research, here are the most typical ones: round; square; oblong; oval; triangular; diamond; long; heart-shaped. So, here you go – just start by measuring your cheekbones, jawline, brows and the overall length from the forehead down to the chin. Essentially, this will let you determine which most common haircut styles will go the best with the type of your face.

Whenever you are trying to go for a brand new type of a hairdo, consider these few crucial tips…Matthew Spencer

Basically, this goes like this: the oval shape goes best with hairdos of mid-length; the heart-shaped faces are awesome with short cuts et cetera…

So, after you’ve determined which length will be the best for you, the next thing to decide on is the color.


Importance of a Nice Haircut

Here’s a list of the most popular hairdo colors for women this season: chestnut brown; beige blonde; dusty rose; bronde; terra-cotta; champagne’y red; cinnamony; milk chocolate brown; bold brunette; deep brown with red accents; blackish brown… So, whether you’re gonna be choosing either of these colors, or will settle for something less common, the main thing is to be always confident of your hairstyle, because it should empower you!

  • Pixie
  • Bob
  • Long Bob
  • Assymmetrical Undercut
  • Flared Bob

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